Welcoming a new addition to this world | Nora’s newborn photos

Nora did great for her very first photo shoot. Her 4-legged sister gave us the favorite image of the day…oh that LOOK in her eyes. I love the natural newborn photography style, and I hope you enjoy these images too!

35-Nora 32-Nora 24-Nora 23-Nora 14-Nora 12-Nora 03-Nora

Greek Orthodox Baptism | Cleveland Family Photographer

I do love photographing events at Greek Orthodox churches. There is an amazingly strong sense of family and community. I always feel welcome and capture some of the most beautiful images with the cultural decor. Enjoy Dora’s previews, and congrats to the family!










put your dukes up | baby Sammie’s first photo session

She arrived to this world weeks early and swinging fists….think she might be a little strong willed? Well, her daddy is a police officer, so it runs in the family. I just love how baby personalities start to show through even as newborns.

bear hats & bloomers | Leah & Lilly’s 1st photos

Sometimes, ya just have to stick with the onesies. Leah & Lilly staged an all out rebellion against naked baby pictures. It’s all good, the cute little bloomers and bear hat by ‘Crochet at Home Mommies’ saved the day.

Calli is one | bright colors on a snow white day

Once Calli got out of her winter coat and warmed up to us, she started letting her personality show through. She loves chairs and climbing on the big ‘one year old’ block while dancing the jig with Mr Hippo. He hasn’t been name yet, so we deemed him Mr. Floppy 🙂

Want her attention?  All we had to do was put something on the photographer’s (that’s me!) or mommy’s head. Worked like a charm.  Loved working with her colorful outfits and serious expressions.  Of course, we got some happy smiles too!

Delaney’s newborn portraits

Babies are beautiful. And the moment is fleeting. Capture it while you can.

Delaney came to the studio at three weeks and honored us with her pretty eyes and some sleeping moments too. She was happiest as long as mommy was holding her, and that worked out perfectly fine for pictures. Great job to mom for wearing the perfect outfit 🙂

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