Snowy Engagements in the Park | Erica & Jake

It’s important to have fun with photo sessions in the snow…and these two nailed it! Snowball fights, snow angels and hiking up narrow trails just to get the perfect shots. I myself am a snow bunny, born and raised in the heart of Cleveland Ohio. So, when I got this call from Erica, I was so excited to go play in the white stuff for an amazing Cleveland winter engagement session.

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The importance of engagement pictures

Showing off the rock…smoochin’ for the camera..bragging through pictures to all your family and friends before the wedding.  Silly?  Overly romantic?  We don’t think so!

There is another side to the engagement picture story.  Practical and true.

#1: Most couples feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera. They don’t know what to do, where to look, how not to appear looking cheesy and posed.  What’s the best way to overcome this?  You got it…practice!  Your photographer should be good at coaching, not posing, but coaching. Your final images should represent who you are as a couple.

#2: Your photographer shouldn’t be a stranger. Working with the photographer before your wedding helps him/her get to know you. Everyone has different triggers to make them laugh, loosen up and have fun. Some couples look natural in serious & romantic atmospheres while others are pure smiles & laughs. Again, it comes back to your personality. As a bonus, you’ll feel more at ease when you know a little about the person on the other side of the camera too.

#3: It’s simply a fun experience! I mean, how often do you get to feel like a super model and flirt shamelessly with your new fiancé?  Sometimes, we even end the session with ice cream or wine.

#bonus: Now you have amazing images to create one of a kind save the date cards or guest book for your reception!

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Friends know best | Scott & Sherri engaged!

I loved hearing Scott & Sherri’s ‘how you met’ story. Neither one of them were a big fan of finding love online, but thank goodness they listened to their friends. Scott’s buddy made him create a profile on a bet and Sherri’s bride-to-be friend wanted to find her a date to her wedding. They both grudgingly filled out the online personality questions and Sherri didn’t even check her messages for weeks at a time. Eventually, she saw Scott in her in-box, they met and the rest is history!

Olivia was a great help by making daddy laugh and making sure he wasn’t giving bunny ears.

Engaged | John & Amanda

E-session in the rain…but we made the very best of it. John and Amanda were good sports about getting a little wet and walking through sand ice bergs at Huntington Beach. I loved hearing about their first date at Claddagh’s Irish Pub and their two four-legged ‘kids’.

In Oberlin, we found the most amazing tree with winding limbs and cascading branches. This shot is definitely going in my portfolio :). I find something new in Oberlin every time I visit! Unlimited photo ops! John & Amanda are also my first wedding of the year, so excited to start the season!

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