Snowy Engagements in the Park | Erica & Jake

It’s important to have fun with photo sessions in the snow…and these two nailed it! Snowball fights, snow angels and hiking up narrow trails just to get the perfect shots. I myself am a snow bunny, born and raised in the heart of Cleveland Ohio. So, when I got this call from Erica, I was so excited to go play in the white stuff for an amazing Cleveland winter engagement session.

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Christmas card rut

I have always dreaded Christmas cards because they seemed like a meaningless gesture that got a glance, taped to the wall for a few days, then took a visit to the round filing cabinet in the kitchen. Well, no more! I’m a photographer, so I should be tapping my creative mind, right? Truth is, everyone has their own unique creativity and we all have the power to make Christmas greetings so much more interesting than two red-eyed kids smiling by a lit up tree!

This year’s theme: SNOW ANGELS! It came to me about 10 days before Christmas, so they were created with a flurry of activity one Saturday morning. Snow gear was essential (not for Kimo, the husky, but his bi-ped parents had to pull out the ski suits). The temperature was 14 degrees, so it had to be short and sweet. Then, my husband ran off to school and I started some photoshop magic 🙂

No flash was needed (that causes red-eye for humans and green/yellow eyes for dogs) for those with on camera flash). To make the snow white, we have to overexpose 1-2 stops or adjust in editing software. (The camera naturally thinks everything should be gray…how depressing). I used a tall ladder and we took turns shooting each other. Fun!

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